How To Write Persuasive Adwords Adverts

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Published: 12th November 2010
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The reason why millions of businesses have used PPC advertising, and specifically Google Adwords, is simply because of the extremely targeted nature of the organic traffic. Ok, fine... well, keep reading to discover how you really can write ad copy that will get the job done in an impressive manner.

Avoid being cute or clever with ad copy - make your point and give solid information. There is not enough space to mess around, and that is why you must get to the point quickly and clearly. Keep in mind that Google AdWords limits the title count to 25 characters and description to 35 characters. Never mince any words with your PPC ads; no wasted words; all words must count. Who knows how much time you really have, but we're betting it's about 2, maybe 3 seconds tops for your ad to work it's magic. We know it's not fair, but that's life with all advertising and PPC in particular. If you want to add another filtering element to your ads, then be bold and insert your price point in the ad. You can have great CTR's, but if the price is too high then your offer still won't convert. We feel it's a wasted click through if the price is too high; so if they see the price and still click through - better. You'll realize better results in all your ad campaigns if you can set yourself apart from the others. Perhaps you heard somewhere that you can do well, or get by, if you just look at successful ads and copy them. You want to distinguish your products, business, and maybe yourself; and you cannot do that when you copy other ads. The thing to do with other ads is learn from them and then maybe emulate them but never directly copy. But you copy other ads as it is, word by word, then your ad loses its value because it's not unique. When you search on Google, you'll find many ads that look duplicate with only a few minor changes here and there. This isn't really helpful for advertisers because the person searching will get confused seeing the same ads lined up in one place. This is why the searchers go for those ads that tend to stand out from the rest and are unique.

Remember that your ad's formatting is necessary to create the right ad. You need to have your ad formatted properly with the right spelling and casing. Once in a while you'll see mistakes in other ads, but that's good just as long as it's not your ad. It's rare to see mistakes in ads on the first page because those advertisers know what they're doing - usually. All your ads need to be serious and well-written, and you can always test your ads against each other. Your headline is usually what determines if your ad is ever read. This is why it's important to make sure that people searching and coming across your ad get a good first impression when they look at your ad copy. For example, you should capitalize the first letter of all the words in your ad copy as it makes it look attractive. The best way to improve with Adwords, or any PPC, is to learn how to write great classified ads, and then it's just a matter of experience. It's not hard at all do write great classified ads (PPC) ads, and you will discover that if you don't give up.

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